10 Reasons Why Tekla Tedds is Essential for Structural and Civil Engineers

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Tekla Tedds might not always be in the spotlight, but its role in ensuring accurate calculations and professional documentation makes it an essential tool for structural and civil engineers. By simplifying complex tasks and integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Tekla Tedds allows engineers to focus on what they do best—designing safe and efficient structures. 

  1. Simplifies Complex Calculations

Tekla Tedds automates and solves complex mathematical problems, allowing engineers to focus on design without getting bogged down in tedious calculations. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies the intricacies of engineering math. 

  1. Unassuming Yet Indispensable

Often overshadowed by more glamorous design-oriented software like Tekla Structures, Tekla Tedds is a behind-the-scenes hero. It quietly supports essential functions that are crucial for structural and civil engineering projects. 

  1. User-Friendly Integration with Microsoft Word

Tekla Tedds leverages the familiarity of Microsoft Word to streamline the process of engineering calculations and documentation. This integration ensures that engineers can produce professional documents without needing extensive training. 

  1. Comprehensive Calculation Library

The software includes a substantial library of predefined calculations, addressing common engineering needs such as seismic and wind loading, beam and column design, and various types of connections. This library provides out-of-the-box solutions for many users. 

  1. Customizable for Advanced Users

For those with more specific needs, Tekla Tedds allows the development of custom calculations. This flexibility means that engineers can tailor the software to fit their unique project requirements. 

  1. Intuitive User Interface

Using Tekla Tedds is straightforward. Engineers can input calculations in a familiar Boolean format or set up linear equations in an Excel-like grid. The user interface recognizes various units and symbols, ensuring accurate and efficient calculations. 

  1. Consistent and Professional Documentation

With Tedds for Word, engineers can create comprehensive reports that adhere to industry standards or specific company requirements. This feature ensures that all documentation is consistent and professional. 

  1. Combines Analysis and Documentation

Tekla Tedds excels in tasks such as frame analysis, allowing users to analyze stresses on various structures and visualize the results graphically. Engineers can embed these results into calculations and compile comprehensive project reports, including notes, sketches, and photographs. 

  1. Robust Data Management Features

The software offers robust data management capabilities, allowing engineers to manipulate data within fields, create data lists, and utilize tables and graphs. The Log field function enables users to maintain a detailed progress log, which can be filtered for various levels of detail. 

  1. Efficient Project Management

To keep track of the numerous calculations involved in a single project, Tekla Tedds includes a Project Manager. This feature allows engineers to create and organize projects, adding and arranging files and calculations as needed, making project management more efficient. 

Bonus: A Legacy of Reliability 

Originally known as “The Engineers Document and Design System,” Tekla Tedds has a long history of reliability and trust in the engineering community. It is recognized as one of the most useful and essential tools for structural and civil engineers. 

BuildingPoint Canada Can Help 

Are you interested in experiencing the power of Tekla Tedds for yourself? BuildingPoint Canada, a trusted reseller of Tekla software, offers free trials. Contact us to learn more and discover how Tekla Tedds can enhance your engineering projects. 

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