6 ways BIM improves accuracy for offsite construction

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6 ways BIM improves accuracy for offsite construction
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Offsite construction offers a number of benefits that include time and labour savings, plus improved predictability, sustainability, safety and quality, but it can also come with the challenge of decreased accuracy. Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems help improve accuracy for offsite construction in a number of ways.

1. Clash detection and visualization in the 3D digital environment
Two of the greatest benefits of using BIM for offsite construction are the ability to see enhanced levels of detail and to ensure that two elements are not taking up the same space in the environment. This lets you know the model fits on the site and will make on-site assembly quick, easy, and efficient, with very few errors.

2. Ability to perform a “digital rehearsal”
Checking the accuracy of your models is an important feature of using BIM systems. You can perform a rehearsal of how your model will look in the digital environment and then once on site. This ensures accuracy at the detailing phase all the way to the on-site construction using the VDC (virtual design and construction) processes.

3. Ability to embed product-specific content from the user
Users of Trimble’s BIM tools can embed their own product-specific content into the BIM library using the Tekla Structural Designer tool. While it greatly improves accuracy, it also aids engineers from a design calculation point of view.

4. Data integration
Using Tekla Structures, users are able to upload the CNC files from the software directly to the factory and use the data to programme the machinery. Reducing the steps of data transfer makes sure that it is as accurate as possible as constructible data is present and coordinated through the process.

5. Ability to work with a variety of construction materials in one model
Using one model environment that includes all construction materials including steel, concrete, and timber means users don’t need to swap between software interfaces or different file types, ensuring better accuracy.

6. Increased collaboration with the ability to share files and models with all project teams
Using Trimble Connect, users can share their files and models directly, which means communication is greatly improved. When communication and collaboration improves, accuracy is boosted.

BIM systems such as Tekla Structures greatly improve accuracy for offsite construction. Speak to one of the experts at BuildingPoint Canada to learn what BIM can do for you.

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