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Our team of experienced construction professionals is focused on helping you discover and maximize the best construction technology solution for every project. We’ll help you find and master the optimal combination of hardware and software, consulting, virtual design, along with construction services, personalized training, and technical support.

  • David Davidson

    General Manager
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  • Arvin Eugenio

    Marketing & Business Manager, Constructible Software
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  • Peter Progas

    National Sales Manager
    peter prigs headshot
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  • JP Simard

    Head of Technology, Support and Services
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  • Charles Noel-Allard

    Regional Sales Manager : Quebec & Atlantic
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  • Mohit Jindel

    Account Manager: Tekla (Western Canada)
    mohair jindal headshot
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  • Juan Meran

    Account Manager – Building Construction Survey Solutions (BC)
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  • TJ Warne

    Account Manager - Tekla Engineering/Concrete
    tj warne headshot
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  • Abiola Solaja

    Account Manager – Building Construction Survey Solutions (Prairies)
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  • Scott White

    Account Manager: Tekla (Ontario)
    scott white headshot
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  • Jill Fearman

    Account Manager: Mixed Reality and Renewals (National)
    jill Farman headshot
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  • Marty Waroway

    Account Manager: Building Construction Survey Solutions (Eastern Ontario)
    marty warowray headshot
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  • Gurkan Bozdogan

    Account Manager: Building Construction Survey Solutions (Western Ontario)
    Gurkan Bozdogan headshot
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  • Michael Boily-Ratthé

    Technical Specialist: Tekla Structures
    michael boil headshot
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  • Jad Cruz

    Technical Specialist: Tekla Structures
    had cruz headshot
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  • Stephen Clark

    Technical Specialist - Tekla Powerfab/EPM
    stephen clark headshot
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  • Duncan Watt

    Technical Specialist - Tekla Powerfab/EPM
    duncan watt headshot
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  • Thomas Walley

    Application Specialist - Field Solutions
    thomas walley headshot
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  • Rushikesh Kansara

    Customer Service and Business Operations
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