How to Keep Construction Project Data Flowing and Business Moving Forward

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The construction industry is one of Canada’s largest employers, and it makes up 7% of the country’s GDP. From building the roofs over our heads to developing commercial, industrial and healthcare infrastructure, the work you do is essential to the running of our daily lives.

The global pandemic has brought disruption to companies, communities and families, but as an “essential” industry, construction projects are continuing. With the challenges brought on by shelter in place and social distancing directives, now more than ever before, companies like yours need to be able to connect, share data and collaborate remotely to keep projects moving forward.

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5 Tips For More Effective Collaboration

The number of employees working remotely has been on the rise – long before the coronavirus made social distancing a necessity. But now entire teams require the ability to securely collaborate online to stay productive. As an essential service, the construction industry needs to lean harder on technology to facilitate the flow of information from the office to the factory to the site and back again, at any time and from anywhere. But how do you ensure all teams are leveraging the most efficient workflows to optimize productivity and output, regardless of where their desks happen to be? With tools purpose-built to help the construction industry collaborate better.
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Here are 5 tips to help your geographically scattered teams work together more effectively using Trimble Connect:

  1. Communicate Visually
    Safely share your screen views to show changes or specific details and assign tasks within a given view.
  2. Remotely Monitor and Communicate Progress
    Follow and communicate project progress and monitor activities every step of the way, no matter where you are.
  3. Stay Updated from Anywhere
    Set notifications that can be configured to update you by activity type, team member, project phase or even opt to receive a summary digest at day’s end.
  4. Remember to Set Versioning and Security Protocols
    Especially when collaborating remotely, multiple team members will be working on a variety of files at the same time. Set versioning to identify which files are being used, and implement security settings to ensure the right people have access to the right data.
  5. Keep Project Files Synced
    Ensure all data and file updates are synced with a tool that automatically manages and configures files for bidirectional synchronization.
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7 Essential Resources For Contractors

We’re committed to helping the construction industry stay focused and productive during these unprecedented times and beyond. So we’ve compiled a handy list of resources to help contractors stay on track and keep teams moving forward together. From architectural and design solutions to resources for mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, we have tools to help you and your teams continue doing business during these uncertain times.


Keep Canada Building During The Global Pandemic

BuildingPoint Canada is adhering to the government directives and observing all guidelines to ensure the safety of employees and customers. For the most part, our employees are working remotely. To ensure that we are able to continue to support your business, all communication channels will be available to engage with you, including:

PHONE: 1 (866) 773-6926

To learn more about how we are conducting business while ensuring social distancing, read our complete update.


Trimble Layout Solutions

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Trimble layout solutions enable better remote collaboration between the office and site, as well as the ability to monitor projects from home. Built to keep construction project data flowing, our tools are dedicated to transforming the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings through advanced and intuitive technologies.

Tekla software

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Our Tekla products and services have always supported remote work, telecommuting and open collaboration. Learn how to access Tekla software and services from anywhere and keep your business competitive.

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