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Use the most up-to-date building information to detect and avoid problems.

Carry Out Comprehensive BIM Implementation

Get the planning and execution tools you need to carry out a comprehensive BIM implementation. Enable the data to flow in both directions –  BIM-to-Field and Field-to-BIM. React quickly to changes in planning, and gain comprehensive control of construction progress. Thanks to Trimble Field Technology, measuring devices and work tools are available for the construction site that can be seamlessly integrated into these processes.

BuildingPoint has the solutions to help contractors every step of the way

Within the Design-Build-Operate concept, the central component, “Build”, encompasses a vast number of concepts and technologies that eventually determine the success of any given project. From comprehensive Project Controls solutions like Prolog, to Trimble’s robotic field layout and QA/QC hardware solutions, the opportunity to leverage a customized technology workflow provides an amazing upside for contractors of all shapes and sizes. In addition to these more traditional solutions, Trimble’s seamless integration throughout the entire building construction lifecycle ensures that forward-looking contractors can successfully implement robust 4D and 5D modeling and construction planning processes, finally taking advantage of the promise and power of a truly efficient BIM workflow.

Manage risk, plan for successful construction execution

Tekla software supports your construction coordination, quantity and cost estimation and scheduling and sequencing. The constructible building information is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date.

Tekla’s construction design software helps contractors manage risk and plan for successful construction process. If you detect and avoid problems before construction begins, you minimize expensive delay and rework.

Design insight and project predictability from pre-construction to execution delivers more effective planning, coordination and control.

With Tekla, you can create and combine information-rich models, regardless of the file size or complexity. The software also includes tools for project review and constructability analysis.

Key Benefits

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