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Reduce liability and risk while increasing project profitability though automated workforce tracking and site security.

Site Access Control Solutions

The Trimble Labour, Equipment and Materials (LEM) solution combines a cloud-based tool management solution, Jobsite Access Control systems, and a worker database for increased site security. Track time and attendance, safety documentation, and compliance – and store your workforce registry. CrewSight creates automated reports and streamlines jobsite communication.

Construction site access control solutions

Access Control System

Enforce access rules to your jobsites and get alerts of unauthorized entries.


Record each worker’s time on site for accountability and reporting.


Track, locate, and see who is responsible for tools.


Control access to your jobsite, improving security for your workers, equipment, and material.


A camera jobsite monitoring solution offering protection and visibility.

Access Control System

CrewSight can be tied to a secure access portal, like a turnstile or security guard’s handheld device, to enforce access rules to your jobsites and alert you of unauthorized entries.

  • Automate compliance — turnstiles will not open if mandatory documentation is out of date or worker has been denied permission.
  • Customize entry criteria like signed NDAs, passed drug or background screens, and/or current licenses or training.
  • Gain visibility into jobsite entries and exits when they occur.
  • Use a unified, cloud-based portal to remotely control access to all job sites.
  • Automated capture of worker time and attendance metrics.
turnstile access control

Labour Tracking

CrewSight™ Time & Attendance automates the capture and tracking of worker time onsite. No more logging in, clock punching, or filling out time sheets manually.

  • Automatically capture attendance from readers placed at the entry and exit points of your site.
  • Know who is on each site, including their company and trade affiliation.
  • Send targeted mass communications from any device.
  • Document workers’ emergency contact info and send safety alerts.

Tool Tracking

Trimble’s AllTrak™ Cloud Tool Management Solution lets contractors track and locate tools and see who is responsible for them. See which tools require servicing, which consumables are running low, and gain insight into usage.
  • Improve productivity by removing the need to search for tools.
  • Reduce unnecessary tool purchases and rentals.
  • Receive alerts when tools assigned to you are needed.
  • Track tool deployment time to better understand project costs.
  • Reduce hoarding with detailed asset usage reports.
all track cloud

Site Security

CrewLane is a new innovation to simplify construction site security. Coupled with Trimble CrewSight software, you can automate access and compliance for all workers, giving you peace of mind that everyone who’s onsite, should be, all without the risk of human error.

  • Move the turnstile as your perimeter changes.
  • Need more lanes? String turnstiles together.
  • CrewLane comes in SINGLE or DUAL lane configurations.
  • Built to last as long as your project and beyond.
  • Reduce theft and unwanted access immediately.
  • Optional cell kit available for wireless connection.

Jobsite Cameras

The Sensera camera solution combines security and marketing under one single platform to increase security and visibility to your jobsite. Add a layer of safety, protection, productivity and marketing insight to your jobsite.

  • Manage risk and reduce liability.
  • Market prior projects with close-up, time-lapse footage that showcases your projects from start to finish.
  • Interconnectivity between all cameras means you’ll always be able to evaluate how teams are executing and see productivity issues.
  • Install cameras and hardware in under 20 minutes.
  • Visually monitor progress in real-time on any device from anywhere – no more chasing down the PM for updates.
  • Capture videos and motion-based images even in low light and night conditions with thermal camera and IR camera options.
jobsite cameras

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