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Is It Time to Invest in Your Own 3D Scanning Solution? (From the Constructible Blog)

3D laser scanning is no longer just a “nice to have” tool. As construction companies of all sizes and specialties experience the undeniable benefits scanning delivers, they’re finding more ways to incorporate scanning into their construction workflows. 3D scanning, office

It’s widely recognized that 3D laser scanning allows you to acquire accurate and consistent construction build and site condition data—and in a fraction of the time it would take using manual methods. This alone makes scanning a compelling proposition. However, the technology is also becoming more accessible to a wider range of construction professionals.

Until recently, the operation of 3D scanners was reserved only for specially trained technicians and outside service providers. The latest 3D scanners are highly intuitive and loaded with automatic features. As a result of the technology advances, these next-generation scanners can now be operated directly by the individuals who need the data, opening up new applications for the use of scanning and new opportunities to increase efficiency. With the gains you make in accuracy and speed, and the ability to do more with the teams you have, 3D scanning can improve productivity at a time when it’s very much needed across the industry.

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