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Level Up! Upgrade your 3D laser scanner with an exclusive trade-in offer from BuildingPoint Canada

Increase productivity with fast, high-quality scanning.

Limited by an old-school laser scanner and workflow? Trade in your old scanner for a game-changing Trimble X7. Whatever brand you have, no matter how old it is, BuildingPoint Canada will offer you a fair trade-in value so you can upgrade to the amazing X7, the best 3D laser scanner available today! It’s lighter than competitor products and so easy to use, you don’t need any special training. Plus, it comes with a rugged Trimble T10 tablet, a backpack, and a portable tripod, so you can put it to work right away!

“The most talked-about feature may be the automatic registration, which is done without the need for targets, saving time and ensuring accuracy throughout, but it has many additional features that professionals are likely to find useful.” – Carla Lauter, Geo Week News

The Trimble X7 offers tons of time-saving and automatic features, including:trimble x7 3d laser scanner

  • automatic leveling
  • an automatic calibration function
  • full, in-field registration

and so much more.

“What caught my eye with the Trimble X7 was the ability to use it with a tablet for basic onsite registration, and to see what we are actually capturing before we leave the site…There have been projects in the past where we had to go back to the site after the fact because we didn’t see the data until we got back to the office and realized that we needed more scan coverage for adequate overlap.”  – Scott Harkness, vice president of operations and partner, Van Bower Construction Services, Ltd.

[Learn how Van Bower Construction finished a huge scanning job 30% faster with the Trimble X7]

Even better, the pre-installed Trimble Perspective software includes the ability to view 3D scans to ensure their completeness before leaving a jobsite and to add field notes within the scan. You’ll also have the ability to easily export data to most major CAD products.

Learn more about the Trimble X7download the datasheet, or get the brochure!

Ready to trade up? Contact us to schedule a consultation.



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