IDEA StatiCa

Engineering software dedicated to structural design and code-check of joints, cross sections, beams and other details.

Speed up your analysis and design process


Design and code-check all types of welded or bolted connections, base plates, footing and anchoring.


Deal efficiently with all parts of structure regions such as walls, dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, and areas above supports.

Concrete & Prestressing

Enable a practical design of all reinforced concrete, prestressed and composite members, cross-sections, and details.

Key Benefits


IDEA StatiCa is directly integrated with Tekla Structures and other global static analysis software.

Any Typology

There are no limitations in the number of connections in a node or their type and way of connection.

Any Load

Analyzes all loads. The node check takes into account interactions with all beams and connections.

In Minutes

The whole proposal and review process is fast enough to be a part of your daily work all over the world.

connection review

Any Topology

No limits on how many connections there are in the joint and how they are put together. A shape is defined by project requirements, not by software capabilities.

Any Loading

All forces are analysed. The overall check of the joint takes into account interactions between all the beams and connections. Engineers stay on the safe side all the time.

In Minutes

The whole design and check process are kept short enough to be a part of everyday work of structural engineers and fabricators all around the world.

IDEA StatiCa Connection

IDEA StatiCa Connection designs and checks welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D joints, anchoring or footing of all topologies. You’re provided clear pass / fail checks according to EN/AISC/CISC/AU/SP 16 standards in a complete report with drawings. For analysis, the unique CBFEM method based on finite elements is used. Modeling considers an elastic-plastic material model for all the elements of the joint – plates, elements, bolts and welds. Prestressed bolts and plastic behavior of the welds are also taken into account.

  • Analysis of stress and strain of all connections and joints.
  • The load is applied in increments; the corresponding stress and strain is calculated and evaluated.
  • Linear analysis of stability of the connection elements.
  • The coefficient of critical load with the corresponding deflection shapes.
  • Rotational and axial joint stiffness (rigid, semi-rigid, and pinned) and joint characteristics – initial stiffness.
    Seismicity checks.
  • Iterative calculation of design load of the joint.

IDEA StatiCa Detail

IDEA StatiCa Detail reinforces and checks all types of walls, beams, and details (in 2D) such as dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, diaphragms, frame joints, and many more. You receive clear pass / fail checks of ULS and SLS according to the code with complete report and bill of material. The most effective position of reinforcement is identified automatically. IDEA StatiCa Detail uses finite element analysis to break the limits of the standard design approach.

  • Non-linear analysis performed in the background.
  • Stress and strain determined by modified compression field theory.
  • Reinforcement results based on tension chord model.
  • Crack width and deflection checks.
  • Compression softening.
  • Tension stiffening. Results verified by ETH Zurich.

Easy To Use

Fast and simple input with the help of a specialized wizard, input data generated automatically, real-time pre-design of reinforcement, user templates of reinforcement and tendons, and other features enable easy and fast work.


A comprehensive check of members and details according to code provisions and a wide range of national annexes. A complete inspection of bridges, buildings, liquid retaining and containment structures for Ultimate and Serviceability limit state.

Economic And Safe

Design methods for optimum use of all materials in the cross-section. Transparent assumptions and white box results allow for minimizing risks of structural defects.

IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing

IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing enables a practical design of all reinforced concrete, prestressed and composite members, cross-sections, and details. Structural checks comply both ultimate and serviceability limit state requirements, including deflection check considering cracking. Structural analysis of precast members and bridges is performed as a time-dependent analysis concerning construction stages.

  • Plain and reinforced concrete.
  • Pre-tensioned concrete.
  • Composite concrete.
  • Post-tensioned concrete.

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