Why let different stand in the way of better?

2021 Tekla Versions are Now Available.

It's more than change, it's progress.

At Tekla, innovation isn’t just a software update, or a new product or tool. It’s a mindset. A way of thinking. A willingness to question and challenge perception. It’s an enduring drive to find new ways to make the construction workflow, work better.

The Tekla 2021 software releases are all about that mindset. With new features and enhancements to drive data-driven and connected workflows, you’ll experience faster modeling, simplified change management, enhanced usability and increased interoperability. We’ve also taken the best structural BIM software on the market, and made it more affordable, more accessible and more flexible than ever thanks to our new Tekla Structures 2021 subscription offering.

That’s more than change, it’s progress. And it begs the question: 

Why let different stand in the way of better?

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