Tekla Model Sharing

An innovative BIM collaboration tool that can significantly increase productivity for Tekla Structures users.

Powerful BIM Collaboration Tool

Tekla Model Sharing enables efficient global collaborative modeling within one Tekla Structures model. Work with the same model at the same time, with users in different locations and time zones.

Key Benefits


With Tekla Model Sharing, teams can work on the same model at the same time, but their work never collides.

Work Offline

The only sharing technology that allows you to work without an internet connection - it's only needed when you want to sync changes.

Selective Sharing

Patented workflow lets teams only share the changes made in their model, not the entire model.

tekla model sharing benefits
tekla model sharing data security

Improve Data Security

A lot of effort has been put into ensuring Tekla Model Sharing’s safety.

  • All Tekla Model Sharing data is secured using Microsoft Azure.
  • Manage access rights to the model, working securely with everyone in the project.
  • Subcontractors do not need to access your company network.
  • Your own company admin manages Tekla Model Sharing projects according to your standards.

Unique Patented Workflow

When you use Tekla Model Sharing, you work with your own local copy of the shared model and only update the changes online. This is possible thanks to our innovative technology, resulting in a reliable model.

Tekla Model Sharing saves you time:

  • Each user has a local version of a Tekla Structures model on a computer or on a network drive.
  • Share the changes, not the whole model.
  • Because you only need to connect to the internet when sharing the changes, you can work offline most of the time.
tekla model sharing workflow
tekla model sharing team management

Easily Manage Your Team

When building a team, bringing the right people together matters. With Tekla Model Sharing, team members can work on the same project regardless of their location. BIM collaboration is practical within the same office or with subcontractors in another town—whoever is required, wherever they are working. As the project grows, you can introduce new people to the project.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can:

  • Invite others to work with you on your Tekla Structures models.
  • Join the others’ shared models.
  • Share the changes in models.

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