Trimble Field Link Office

Easy-to-interpret field layout data prep and analysis.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

Trimble Field Link Office is a simple and easy-to-use tool for preparing and checking layout data for the field. With the common interface between the office and field versions of Trimble Field Link, contractors experience increased productivity and more accurate data on their projects.

Trimble Field Link Office allows contractors to:

Prepare layout points for the field.

Double-check the files sent to field crew.

Perform QA/QC on the already laid out field points.

Make Short Work of Field Layout Data

trimble field link layout data

Trimble Field Link Office provides you with a simple tool to create data from a plan – or import 2D and 3D models to then prepare data for field layout. An easy layer management tool helps you manage and visualize the information that is important to you.

Once you’ve prepared data for field crews, you can easily share the common Field Link file either by direct transfer or upload to Trimble Connect for easy access from the job site. After the field crew has laid out or captured data on the jobsite, they can easily share this information with you to review against the original information.

The simplified, common interface between the office and field versions of Trimble Field Link will help improve productivity and accuracy of information prepared and captured on your projects.

From Office To field

Digitize Your Plan

Easily create digital field layout files from a paper plan.

Build Without CAD

Prepare building layout data for field crews with a simplified tool that doesn’t require CAD.

Common Interface

Work in the same interface as field layout crews to ensure accuracy.

No CAD? No problem

With 2D and 3D models or digital vector PDFs to prepare field data, many contractors require the use of CAD. With Trimble Field Link Office, no CAD is necessary. Trimble Field Link Office provides a simplified tool to prepare models and data for field crews to use with field layout tasks. It also provides an interface to review data and reports that have returned from the field and keeps this information as a record of the completed job.

Trimble Field Link

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