Trimble X9

An innovative, high-speed 3D laser scanning system with enhanced performance and function to increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field.

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Proven, versatile and reliable

Faster Range, Accuracy, and Short Scan Times


Scanning Speed: 1 million pts/s

Scanning Range: 150 m range

Imaging: Auto Exposure and HDR, 3840 x 2746 pixels

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Self-calibrating for dependable data every scan.
IP55 environmental protection against dust and water.
Wide operating temperature range to keep you working all year long.
Fast scan times of less than 1 minute can be reached for fast project completion.
High accuracy and low range noise point cloud data for detailed digital twins.
Enhanced sensitivity for standard scans to capture difficult dark or shiny surfaces.
In-field 3D data visualization.
Georeferencing with laser pointer and precision point.

Trimble X9 is Ideal for:

  • Topographic/General Surveys

    Captures features in land title surveys, buildings, roads, intersections, site improvements, and complex structures using annotations, labels, and auto-classification tools. It also creates as-builts for road corridors, intersections, and other features.

  • Cultural Heritage

    Aids in historic preservation projects by capturing history and preserving details through high-resolution area scans, digital preservation of fragile structures, and efficient site documentation.

  • Industrial Survey

    Allows users to create accurate as-builts of complex industrial facilities, capture high-resolution area scans, enhance in-field documentation, and use Trimble RealWorks for reference scans to plant coordinate systems.

  • Digital Twin

    Enables the safe, effective creation of as-built models for scan-to-BIM and renovations, enhancing accessibility, producing high-quality colorized point clouds, reducing return visits, and transferring data to CAD software for final analysis and design.

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