Tekla Model Sharing

An innovative BIM collaboration tool that can significantly increase productivity for Tekla Structures users.

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When you use Tekla Model Sharing, you work with your own local copy of the shared model and only update the changes online. This is possible thanks to our innovative technology, resulting in a reliable model.

Tekla Model Sharing Benefits


Team members can work on the same project or model in the same office, across town, or around the world.


Tekla Model Sharing is the only BIM collaboration tool in which team members can work without connecting to the Internet. Users only need to connect to synchronize changes.


Teams in multiple locations can work on the same model simultaneously without experiencing work clashes.


Team members can invite others to join their models, join other shared models, and share model changes as projects expand.


Teams can share selectively, only sharing the changes made in their local version of the model, instead of the global model.

Tekla Model Sharing Features


Tekla Model Sharing’s unique, patented workflow gives each user a local Tekla Structures model on their own computer or their network drive. Users work with their local copy of the shared model and then upload to synchronize changes.


Users are notified about available changes, and can list, review and visualize all new updates. They can also go back and review past versions of the model on any given date.


The latest changes are always up-to-date and available to all team members.


The model is not locked during synchronizations, so team members are never interrupted by others making changes.


Scalable to any number of users in different locations.

Low Maintenance

No need for installation, setup, administration or an additional server.


All shared data is secured by the Microsoft Azure cloud sharing service. Subcontractors access the model outside your company’s IT infrastructure.


Administrators can manage model access rights for various user categories and configure projects based on your company’s unique security protocols.

Tekla Model Sharing is Ideal for

Co-ordinating multiple subcontractors and trades.
Distributed design teams who need to work locally and share model changes globally.
Developing constructible models collaboratively across time zones.
Working with team members in locations with limited Internet connectivity.
Bringing teams of Tekla Structures designers together from anywhere in the world.
Improving distributed project teams’ collaboration and efficiency.

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