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Information-rich 3D Models

The most advanced BIM software for structural workflow, now available by subscription! Tekla Structures lets you create, combine, manage, and share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable construction information.

Visualize your concept by creating a constructible 3D building structure.

Easily create all structures with full details and automatic clash checking.

Drawings, reports, and CNC data can be automatically created from your 3D model.

Tekla Structures Benefits

Easy Interface

  • Create constructible models up to LOD 500.
  • Use a single tool for all types of materials and projects.

Open Collaboration

  • Easily collaborate with project members and third parties.
  • Utilize model data for fabrication and construction.
  • Link with architectural, MEP, and plant design software through IFC.

Localized Software

  • Available in 17 languages and 32 environments.
  • Local support in more than 20 languages.
  • 24/7 online technical and learning support.

Tekla Structures is Ideal for

Steel Detailers & Fabricators.

Bridge Engineers.

Concrete Contractors.

Structural Engineers.

Precast Detailers & Producers.

Rebar Designers & Fabricators.

Educational institutions.


Tekla Structures subscription plans

Tekla Structures software has three material independent subscription options, which provide the perfect match for your differing needs. The full functionality of Tekla Structures is available in Tekla Structures Diamond. Graphite and Carbon are subsets of Diamond. All the Tekla Structures subscriptions also include Trimble Connect Business Premium and Tekla Model Sharing.

Contact your local sales team and learn what option best meets the needs of your business.

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