Trimble R780 

The Trimble R780 is a configurable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver that delivers precise and reliable point capture even in the most challenging work environments.

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Simplify underground and long distance layout, QA/QC and field positioning tasks with superior technology that eliminates new station setup and flattens the learning curve.

Trimble R780 Benefits

One Adaptable & Scalable System

Designed to deliver accuracy, durability, efficiency and ease of use the R780 maximizes your point capture accuracy and efficiency.

Horizontal Accuracy Of 8mmm

Since it doesn’t require a line of sight, you can survey faster without worrying about obstructions like trees or tall buildings.

The Sturdiest GNSS Receiver Trimble Has Ever Built.

The unprecedented strength and durability of the R780’s housing make it durable and robust. It’s compact, easy to use and virtually indestructible.

Increases Productivity By Using All Available GNSS Satellite Signals.

This enables you to achieve survey-grade positioning in difficult environments where other GNSS systems can’t function reliably.


You can easily take the Trimble R780 from its carrying case and place it on a range pole, tripod or t-bar with a single click.

Tilt Compensation

The R780 uses Trimble Inertial PlatformTM technology to deliver tilt compensation. So, you can stake out and measure survey points safely in awkward places without having to level your pole.

Trimble R780 Features

Ultra-Rugged, Military-Grade Case

Combines the GNSS receiver, antenna, radio and battery in one compact unit along with 9GB of internal memory. Trimble designed the ultra-rugged, military-grade housing to hold up in harsh construction site environments.

CenterPointTM Real-Time Extended (RTX)

Delivers fast, highly accurate GNSS positions anywhere on the globe. It can use satellite, or cellular/IP signals without a local base station or a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) network.

Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And Wide-Band Radio.

It uses Trimble AutoBase technology to enable quick base station setup at the touch of a button.

Multiple Configurations

The R780 is available in base and rover, rover only, or base only configurations. These configurations are fully scalable as your needs change over time.

Automatic Connection

The R780 connects automatically to your machine radio or GNSS rover. All you have to do is attach it to the tripod and turn it on.


You can also use the R780 as a powerful base station for your site. It receives corrections for your rover, making it the most easy-to-use base station on the market.
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Trimble R780 Is Ideal For

Laying out mechanical, electrical and plumbing points.
Locating and verifying concrete and steel placements.
Measuring and calculating concrete or material aggregate volumes.
Carrying out as-built measurements, grade and thickness checks.
Determining cut/fill requirements using a range pole.
Checking elevations.
Recording tilt data while taking measurements.
Staking or recording site features.
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R780 GNSS Receiver

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