Trimble FieldLink

A simplified user interface (UI) and improved task-based workflows, Trimble Field Link now works with a range of instruments for both interior and exterior layout.

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Trimble Field Link is the one field software for all your construction site needs. Field layout crews can now use the most suitable positioning technology for unique layout tasks — without switching between multiple controller units or field software, and with no additional training required.

FieldLink Benefits

Make Short Work 0f Layout Projects

With Your Robotic Total Station, Rapid Positioning System Or GNSS Solution With Trimble Field Link.

Fits Your Business and Layout Style

Whether you need to create points and a plan on the job or work directly from a 3D model or 2D drawing.

Performance Gains of 200%

Produce Layout Deviations, Daily Layout Summaries, and Field Reports.

Full Control

With Trimble VISION available in the Trimble RTS Series total stations, you can control the instrument from the tablet and provide photos directly from the tripod.

Enhancing Field Operations For BIM Workflow

View field point attributes created in the office that define various data points such as: manufacturer, component type and size, etc.

Easy Data Collection

Collect field point deviations within the stakeout routines and export them for use in BIM detailing solutions back in the office.

Create Design Locations From CAD

Such as endpoint, midpoint, arc/circle, node, insertion, and intersection.

FieldLink Features

One Interface

Multiple instruments, including our tablets, Robotic Total Stations and more, work with one easy-to-use interface.

Advanced Layer Control

Select an object in the model view and the layer it is placed on is highlighted in the layer list to quickly turn the layer on/off.

Modern Touch Screen Interface

Interface with expandable detail pane for improved point information during layout.

Improved Visual Layout

AccesImproved Visual Layout Feature for easy identification and lay out of points directly on a surface (for hanger and insert positions located on the ceiling).

Easily View 3D Design Models

IFC, DWG or DXF format in the field using an on-board 3D model viewer.

Field Reporting

View Layout Deviations and Daily Layout Summary reports as well as document existing site conditions for RFI communications and change orders. Photograph problem areas and measurement coordinates to clearly communicate issues and conflicts in the field.

Enhanced Dynamic Joystick

Smoother operation and a nudge feature to accurately control where the laser is aimed when taking as-built measurements.

FieldLink Is Ideal For

Layout of control.
Layout of excavation lines.
Layout of concrete forms and anchors.
Layout of control lines on concrete for subcontractors.
Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe.
Checking or typing into property boundaries.
As-built checks.

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