Trimble XR10

Bring the open collaboration of Trimble Connect and mixed reality capabilities of the HoloLens 2 to the field team.

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Trimble XR10 Features

Close the project loop for stakeholders on-site and in the office by providing enhanced, actionable collaboration through mixed reality with Trimble® Connect MR and the Trimble XR10. Now available — Trimble HoloTint — the latest accessory for the Trimble XR10.

Put Vision Into Context

See the design intent on your project; models are given context when overlaid onto the real world, enabling field workers and reducing errors.

Increase Productivity

Real-time interaction between the field and design files, through to-dos and live collaboration sessions, to aid in making quicker and more informed decisions.

Improve Efficiency

Trimble Connect AR/MR supports nearly every design file type for contractors.

Trimble XR10 Benefits

Certified For Worksite Use

The XR10 is the only HoloLens 2 solution compatible with an industry-standard hardhat and certified for use in safety-controlled environments.

Field Of View

Leverage the best possible mixed reality experience with an industry leading 43 degree field-of-view


Improved weight distribution and flip-up visor for increased wearability.

Easy To Use

Improved hand and eye tracking sensors for automatic calibration and instinctual interaction with menus and holograms.


QC the job right there on the spot. Check the model to see any issues, and avoid clash.

Trimble XR10 Features

Trimble Connect Cloud Platform Integration.
Support for .SKP, .IFC, .RVT, .DWG, .DXF and more!
Large Model Support.
Multiple Model Overlay.
Real-World Model Alignment Tools.
Measurements within and between real and virtual environments.
ToDo’s for RFI Management.
Co-Located/Remote Collaboration.
Sequencing tools for step-by-step guidance through sequence model groups.

Trimble XR10

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