HP SitePrint

Robotic layout solution. Quick, accurate and easy construction site layouts.

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Experience HP’s construction layout robot and transform how your construction site layouts get made.

HP SitePrint Benefits

On Site Productivity

Reduce layout and labor costs with autonomous technology. Save time with printed text to enrich info on-site, and free up expertise to add value elsewhere.

Breakthrough Layout Efficiency

HP’s printing know-how and robotics technology combine to accelerate projects—without errors or redos.

Easy To Use

Handle projects seamlessly with an all-in-one construction layout management solution. Pack the portable device between sites and go.

Get Accurate Layouts

Get every project done exactly right. Count on precise, accurate implementation of complex layouts.

Award Winning Innovation

HP SitePrint has been awarded, by the Innovative Product Awards (IPAs), as one of the 2023 Expert’s Choice for disruptive innovations.

Robotic Solutions for Autonomous Layouts

Download this free eBook to learn how we revolutionize construction site layouts and efficiency by combining our printing knowhow and robotics technology.

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