Trimble RTS873 

The Trimble RTS873 Robotic Total Station allows building construction contractors the ability to more easily collect and layout field points using robotic interaction.

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Advanced Technology for Construction layout. Eliminating the guesswork with it’s bright, autofocusing green laser, the RTS873 heightens layout precision on the jobsite.

Trimble RTS873 Benefits

100% Robotic Operation

Direct layout with live video images on the Trimble Field Tablet, maximizing your command of the job.

Smarter Pointer

Bright green, autofocusing laser and auto-correction for uneven surfaces.

Visual Verification

Overlay job data – including points and linework – on the camera image for accurate documentation.

Integrated Workflow

Optimize productivity using Trimble FieldLink and tablet for a seamless workflow.

Prism Technology

Passive prisms and active targets for measurement with Trimble MultiTrack™.

Automatic Servo Focus

Set the optical focus for quick manual aiming.

Trimble® Vision™

Layout with live images using video-assisted measurement.

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