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Tekla 2021 is Here – And It Really Is New

This is not just another software update. There’s a lot that’s really new in Tekla 2021.

The latest versions of Tekla® software solutions – Tekla Structures 2021, Tekla Structural Designer 2021, Tekla Tedds 2021 and Tekla PowerFab 2021 – are here!

You’re probably already familiar with Tekla software, and you know that it’s dedicated to Building Information Modeling (BIM), structural engineering, and manufacturing management of steel structures. In the latest update, new features and enhancements in Tekla software optimize, at every phase of the project, connected data-driven and collaborative processes.

Even more exciting, Tekla Structures 2021 offers three new subscription options, which help reduce the initial investment and adapt licensing needs with the annual subscription. With these flexible options, users can choose the subscription that suits their needs:

  • Carbon: to visualize the models and collaborate with the actors of the project
  • Graphite: to create constructible and intelligent BIM models as well as the required documentation
  • Diamond: to design, execute and manufacture.

The latest version of Tekla Structures also brings improvements, developments, and new features that make the software easier to use than ever. Work processes are more efficient, productivity increases, and collaboration between project teams is even smoother.

Tekla 2021 users can enjoy:

  • Simplified change management with enhanced collision detection and cloning tools
  • Improved ergonomics thanks to online help and product localization
  • Faster and more precise modeling thanks to improved management of plans and objects, and new modeling extensions, especially for scaffolding
  • Increased interoperability thanks to improvements for IFC and other formats, intensified integration with the Trimble Connect ™ collaboration platform and Tekla Model Sharing

The analysis and design software, Tekla Structural Designer 2021 introduces in Tekla Structures the “design-to-detail workflow” functionality to more efficiently model cast-in-place concrete and reinforcements, as well as slabs, foundations, beams, posts, and walls. The new carbon footprint calculator makes it possible to understand, from the design stage, the carbon impact of a structure and to compare alternative solutions to identify the most efficient, most sustainable, and most profitable option.

The Tekla Tedds 2021 calculation software offers new features and improvements for calculations of loads, precast concrete hollow core slabs, foundations, and timber load descents that adapt to many design standards.

Tekla PowerFab 2021 steel fabrication management software offers unparalleled visualization of projects, enhanced options for tracking and organizing data, and enhancements for information sent to digital machines.

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