Step-Up to the new Tekla subscriptions

Truly Constructible Tekla Structural BIM Software; now cheaper to use & easier to adopt with flexible subscription.

Four reasons why you need to make the switch to Tekla subscription:

Discounted pricing for off-maintenance customers

The new subscription does not mean that you need to pay to upgrade your experience. You can make the most of the assets you use and truly need by stepping up to subscription.

Reduced infrastructure requirements

The Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer & Tekla Tedds subscriptions, available through cloud-licensing, require little to no implementation process and no more need for heavy IT requirements. This enables users to get started quickly.

Supported remote working

Tekla online licensing enables users to work safely and securely both online and offline. This means that users can continue to access Tekla software as well as save their work until their internet access is restored.

Magnified usage and productivity data

Switch-up your perpetual licenses to subscription to access all your products in one system. Your Trimble online account hosts your license management service and gives you valuable data to understand, monitor, and optimize your Tekla usage.

Maintained older versions of Tekla Structures

Move up to the newest Tekla Structures versions without any risk! With the Tekla Step-Up program, you can continue to access older Tekla Structures versions without any issues or disruption in service.

Would you like to discuss a subscription?

Whether you need more advice on what is available to you, clarification on the benefits, or help to make the move to subscription. Get in touch!
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