Tekla Campus

Learn the basics of Tekla Structures.
A Free Online Academy

Learn the Basics of Tekla Structures

Tekla Campus is a free online academy for students (and educators) to access and learn the basics of Tekla Structures. Register online to download the Tekla Structures Learning Edition. This access is valid for four months and includes all functionalities of the professional Tekla Structures license, step-by-step video tutorials and the ability to discuss with other Tekla Campus students around the world.

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BIM Software and Hardware Training

Registering to Tekla Campus gives you access to download Tekla Structures educational configuration that includes all functionalities of Tekla Structures. The Campus offers students:

Free Student License

Register to create your free account and Download your Tekla Structures software for learning with 4 months access.

Video Tutorials

Watch series of step-by-step video tutorials, answer prompted questions, and return to continue a lesson exactly where you left off.

Discussion Forum

Share your thoughts with other Tekla Campus students at the discussion forum.

Tekla Structures Training

Key Benefits

  • Free access to leading BIM technology.
  • Interactive lessons.
  • Online profile to promote knowledge, experience and success.
  • Updates on the latest student competitions, another way to showcase your skills.
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded students.
  • Industry news and case studies.

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