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Efficient Fabrication Management at Germantown Iron & Steel

Wisconsin-based Germantown Iron & Steel enjoys the benefits of the Tekla PowerFab system throughout its operations – particularly when it comes to fabrication management.

Bill Claas, Senior Project Manager, tells us how he’s utilizing different parts of Tekla PowerFab in his work and how the company has aligned and streamlined their processes both in the shop and in the office to become more efficient.

Key takeaways:

  • One source of information – aligni and streamline processes and remove duplicate work
  • Communication with general contractors – communicate RFIs more professionally and gain excellent project management tools
  • Best benefits for all – keep drawings up to date in the shop, manage inventory and material usage, and track change orders
  • Automated events for transmittals that are out for approval and tracking status of drawings
  • Drawings up to date – document management in PowerFab always has the latest drawings at hand
  • Efficiency for the shop – cutlists for work organization, better use of material. Know what’s in your inventory for purchasing efficiently
  • Better internal communication – get everyone from estimating to project management to shop to use the same system and  the same information

Learn more about how BuildingPoint Canada and Tekla PowerFab can make your fabrication management more efficient!



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