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precision, visibility and optimized control

Projects these days leave little room for error to stay profitable. With tight budgets on nearly every project, contractors know that a lack of efficiency can affect the ability to bid better and build better. Success relies on the coordination of key variables to make sure costly rework is avoided – even as timelines shrink.

To stay ahead in these competitive times, you need a partner with deep industry knowledge rooted in how people work. And, with increased reliance on 3D models and model coordination, having a technology portfolio that delivers precision, visibility and optimized control is necessary for success.

Trimble’s innovation and leading reputation in the construction industry comes from understanding the contractor experience. It’s a thoughtful process of listening first, then optimizing the right solutions for our customers.

Trimble Field Link

Trimble Field Link is the one field software for all your construction site needs

Never switch between multiple software solutions or controller units again. With a simplified user interface (UI) and improved task-based workflows, Trimble Field Link now works with a range of instruments for both interior and exterior layout including Trimble Robotic Total Stations, the Trimble Rapid Positioning Tool and GNSS receivers. Field layout crews can now use the most suitable positioning technology for unique layout tasks — without switching between multiple controller units or field software, and with no additional training required.
layout software on tablet
layout software screens

Make short work of layout projects for fast results with your Robotic Total Station, Rapid Positioning System or GNSS solution with Trimble Field Link

Whether you need to create points and a plan on the job or work directly from a 3D model or 2D drawing, Trimble Field Link fits your business and layout style. The software was designed specifically to reduce complexity, so you can feel confident entrusting crews with varying skills to perform automated layout successfully. With proven performance gains of 200% over traditional workflows, Trimble Field Link is transforming the work of construction layout.

Quality assurance routines and as-built data collection is as fast as it is precise. With Trimble Field Link you can produce Layout Deviations, Daily Layout Summaries, and Field Reports. Document daily production as well as existing conditions for RFIs and job reporting. With Trimble VISION available in the Trimble RTS Series total stations, you can control the instrument from the tablet and provide photos directly from the tripod.

Once the points are laid out or collected on the job site, you and your teams can round trip the as-built point data back to the office to compare completed work with the intended design when adjustments are needed.

Trimble Field Link brings design to reality providing users with access to the latest tools for increasing productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process; it is the ideal solution for enhancing field operations for BIM workflow and traditional 2D information.

Key Features

layout software key features

One Interface

Multiple instruments, including our tablets, Robotic Total Stations and more, work with one easy-to-use interface.

Advanced Layer Control

Select an object in the model view and the layer it is placed on is highlighted in the layer list to quickly turn the layer on/off.

Modern Touch Screen Interface

Interface with expandable detail pane for improved point information during layout.

Improved Visual Layout

Improved Visual Layout Feature for easy identification and lay out of points directly on a surface (for hanger and insert positions located on the ceiling).

Easily View 3D Design Models

Easily view 3D Design models (IFC, DWG or DXF format) in the field using an on-board 3D model viewer.

Field Reporting

View Layout Deviations and Daily Layout Summary reports as well as document existing site conditions for RFI communications and change orders. Photograph problem areas and measurement coordinates to clearly communicate issues and conflicts in the field.

Enhanced Dynamic Joystick

Smoother operation and a nudge feature to accurately control where the laser is aimed when taking as-built measurements.

Key Benefits

View field point attributes created in the office that define various data points such as: manufacturer, component type and size, etc.

Collect field point deviations within the stakeout routines and export for use in BIM detailing solutions back in the office.

Create design locations from CAD such as endpoint, midpoint, arc/circle, node, insertion, and intersection.

Simplify your data prep and the analysis of field data

Trimble Field Link Office is a simple and easy-to-use tool for preparing and checking layout data for the field. With the common interface between the office and field versions of Trimble Field Link, contractors experience increased productivity and more accurate data on their projects. Trimble Field Link Office allows contractors to:

  • Prepare layout points for the field.
  • Double check the files sent to field crew.
  • Perform QA/QC on the already laid out field points.
trimble field link office data prep
triple field link office

Simplify your field data preparation and review of results

Trimble Field Link Office provides you with a simple tool to create data from a plan – or import 2D and 3D models to then prepare data for field layout. An easy layer management tool helps you manage and visualize the information that is important to you.

Once you’ve prepared data for field crews, you can easily share the common Field Link file either by direct transfer or upload to Trimble Connect for easy access from the job site. After the field crew has laid out or captured data on the jobsite, they can easily share this information with you to the review against the original information.

The simplified, common interface between the office and field versions of Trimble Field Link will help improve productivity and accuracy of information prepared and captured on your projects.

From office to field…

Digitize Your Plan

Easily create digital field layout files from a paper plan.

Build Without CAD

Prepare building layout data for field crews with a simplified tool that doesn’t require CAD.

Common Interface

Work in the same interface as field layout crews to ensure accuracy.

No CAD? No problem

With 2D and 3D models or digital vector PDFs to prepare field data, many contractors require the use of CAD. With Trimble Field Link Office, no CAD is necessary. Trimble Field Link Office provides a simplified tool to prepare models and data for field crews to use with field layout tasks. It also provides an interface to review data and reports that have returned from the field and keeps this information as a record of the completed job.
Easily create field layout points in SketchUp, Revit, or AutoCAD for direct integration with Trimble’s robotic total stations.

Create 2D and 3D field points the way you want

Trimble Field Points is designed for the contractor utilizing AutoCAD®, Revit® or Sketchup who also needs the ability to easily create 2D and 3D field points within their preferred design file. You’ll be able to:
  • Quickly and easily auto-insert their field layout points for use with Trimble Field Link for easy stakeout in the field.
  • Direct transfer of layout files via Trimble Connect.
  • Perform QA/QC with as-laid out points.
trimble field points
seamless integration of field points

Seamless insertion of field layout points

Get seamless creation of field points such as hanger or sleeve locations via simple, intuitive point creation workflows. These workflows allow for faster implementation and utilization throughout any organization already familiar with AutoCAD or Revit design platforms. Additionally, Trimble Field Points provides you with a go-to design-to-construction solution by allowing the creation of control points, inserting manual points or generating automatic point locations to streamline the creation of layout data in their model files.

Perform QA/QC with as-laid out points

Import field point data into the Trimble Field Points software, while staying within your preferred design platform, to assist with QA/QC workflows for comparison in the model.
trimble field link on tablet

Key Benefits

Easily Translate

Trimble Field Points is the concept-to-construction solution that ensures points in the model are accurately located in the field.

Build Intuitively

Working as a plugin within SketchUp, Revit, or AutoCAD, Field Points delivers a direct integration with the Trimble’s robotic total stations.

Bring to the Field

Points can be easily exported to Trimble layout solutions for easy stake-out in the field and brought back to the model for true round-trip capabilities.

Trimble Field Link is the definitive construction layout software solution designed specifically for contractors – not surveyors.

Featuring the right combination of tools for each layout job, an ideal solution includes Trimble Field Link software powering a rugged Trimble Tablet and delivering a reliable connection to a variety of layout tools.

This unified combination of hardware and software increases productivity and accuracy in the field, reduces rework, provides easy-to-use, task-based workflows and delivers a greater return on investment.

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