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eBook: Tips and Tools to Manage Construction Projects in Uncertain Times

Leaning on technology and data to ensure health and safety, job site controls, and seamless communication – from anywhere

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We are currently facing the largest health crisis any of us has ever experienced. While the world has been sheltering in place, “essential industries” like the construction industry have been moving forward under specific guidelines and conditions. As the world’s economies continue to open up, construction jobs that were paused are beginning to resume, jobs that slowed down are getting back on schedule, and projects that didn’t get off the ground will have a chance to begin.LEM eBook

As restrictions continue to lift in Canada, a new set of complications are arising. So far, there are no universal, workable guidelines on how people can safely return to the workplace, and not everyone is able to return to the job site or office just yet. This means that technology, automated job site controls, and seamless paths of communication are more important than ever. And while the construction industry is looking forward to a return to normal, it will be facing a new normal – one that will need to lean more heavily on technology.

Moving forward in these uncertain times, companies like yours in the Canadian construction industry are having to find different ways to tackle universal challenges, including:

  • How to keep your employees safe on the job
  • How to keep the job site safe and secure, even when you’re not there
  • How to keep track of equipment on site
  • How to collaborate and communicate smoothly and efficiently

The pandemic will transform the way we all work, motivating us to find better ways to meet the health and safety needs of employees, the security needs of the job site, and the communication and collaboration needs of the business. COVID-19 is creating a massive shift in the way we work now and in the long term, and there are tools available to help.

Download our new eBook, Tips and Tools to Manage Construction Projects in Uncertain Times, and get all of our best insights on how to lean on technology to manage risk, reduce liability, and communicate better.



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