The Concrete Contractor’s Guide to Avoiding Hidden Dangers

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Few industries are as competitive as construction, and cast-in-place concrete is no different.

What’s unseen to many concrete contractors are the hidden dangers to their bottom line that can erode their ability to remain competitive, win new business and achieve desired profit margins. These are critical factors that—despite having a huge impact on your margins and competitiveness—tend to be easily overlooked and go unattended, sometimes until it’s too late to react and change course.

Inaccurate cost estimates, inefficient workflows, and lack of true collaboration can be hard to detect, but they have a huge impact on your ability to compete in this tough market. Luckily, these issues can be easily resolved once diagnosed. Increasingly, the leading concrete contractors are leveraging technology to overcome these challenges and are now benefiting from increased confidence in their cost estimates, lower operational costs due to improved efficiencies, and greater collaboration, which mitigates the risk of costly preconstruction and onsite errors.

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