Five reason to upgrade to a Robotic Total Station

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Five Reasons to upgrade to a Robotic Total Station (even if you love your traditional methods)

Are your profit margins running a little thin? Are you finding those margins getting eaten away?

Your manual construction layout tools – tape measure, string, levels, measuring rods and more – are likely to blame.

Every time you turn a knob, make a mark with your pen, or make an off-the-cuff calculation, you’re risking human error. You’ll spend time and money dealing with RFIs and remeasuring your errors – time and money you probably don’t have to spare.

Errors that aren’t caught quickly enough are going to cause even bigger problems and cost you more time and money down the road. And you don’t want that.

So, what’s the solution?

It’s time to ditch the manual solutions and join the 21st century. Switching to a Robotic Total Station (RTS) will make your job easier, and you (and your crew) more efficient, all while keeping your costs down.

Here are five reasons to upgrade to the best robotic total station for construction today:

1. Improve Speed
You want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, right? Using a robotic total station means you don’t need to sacrifice quality for efficiency.

Layout tools from Trimble like the RTS773, RTS873, and RPT600 use a patented technology, Visual Layout – a green laser which marks the layout point, allowing the operator to follow the laser to each point and mark the location. A tablet computer is loaded with drawings or building models and the operator using the RTS views the drawing or model on the tablet.

The RTS does all the work, while the operator marks the point to within millimetres. Much of the layout process is automated and self-correcting, which means you’ll have lower costs and fewer delays due to human error.

And you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, as promised.

2. Work more accurately
Inaccuracy is a big problem when using traditional methods of measurement. A simple movement of your tape measure or string might not seem like a big deal when you’re starting a layout, but it can lead to big problems further along. The robotic total station allows for verification paired with data overlay and photo documentation so you know your layout is going to be accurate. The RTS’s precise accuracy helps avoid the human error that can happen with manual construction layout equipment, saving you time and money.

3. Minimize downtime
The RTS is durable enough for any of the toughest conditions. The station’s reliability means there’s little downtime due to repair. Also, one layout technician can handle the work of the RTS that previously required at least two technicians, so there is less downtime and overlap with the work of your crew.

4. Reduce rework
You want to have peace of mind knowing that your layout is done right – the first time. You can use the Trimble layout tool to check the work against the models, quickly and efficiently. Rework caused by errors is costly thanks to scheduling overruns and excess labor, and involves a lot of wasted materials, labour, and time which, of course, means wasted money. You’re even building in extra costs into your budget from any mistakes that are made, since your current manual solutions don’t work as well with complex buildings or projects. A robotic total station will reduce the amount of rework you need to do and keep your project moving forward.

5. Reduce costs, improve flexibility
Are you and your crew spending extra time on layout to ensure you’re not making errors? If so, you might be causing delays with other services and ending up with extra labor costs. The more manual the process is, the more people are required to complete it, the longer it takes, and the more inconsistent documentation can become. The robotic total station has construction-specific functionality and one-person operation for all layout and measurement tasks.

Does it sound like it might be time for you to put your tape measure and pencil aside and upgrade to a modern construction layout tool? We all want to save time and money, and investing in a robotic total station is going to help you do exactly that.



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