Make the Most of Your Tekla Structures Investment

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Tekla Structures - Make the most of your Subscription
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If you’ve ever used Tekla Structures, you know just how powerful it is. With its ability to put accessible, data-rich models at your fingertips and enable more effective collaboration, Tekla Structures continues to improve productivity, profitability, and accuracy for users across Canada.

Here’s how you can make the most of your Tekla Structures maintenance/subscription:

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities
it’s no secret that proper training is critical to the successful implementation of any software solution, which is why Tekla Structures subscription holders can access extensive training specifically designed to meet the needs in different user groups (i.e. steel detailers, concrete contractors, bridge designers, Tekla Model Sharing users, etc.)* By leveraging these training resources, you can ensure that your team is not only using the software correctly but also taking full advantage of the latest features and enhancements.

Reach Out for Support
Tekla’s industry-leading support team is standing by to help you navigate your software and maximize its capabilities. With decades of experience using Tekla Structures, our knowledgeable team can address your questions and assist you with everything from basic setup to advanced project functionality. Whether it’s a quick question or a topic that requires more extensive support, you’re covered.

Save Valuable Time
Do you need to create drawing templates, develop a custom component or set up a new project on a new version but don’t have the time to do it? We have the resources to assist you with additional services that are not covered by your helpdesk/support package. We even offer consulting services, providing valuable insight on a variety of areas related to your projects.

Sign in to your account to start taking advantage of all that your Tekla Structures maintenance/subscription offers. Need to learn more? Contact us

* Some training sessions may require an additional fee.

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